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Billing Policy:  Invoices are presented as the file progresses and are due in full when presented.  Outstanding accounts are billed on a monthly basis, with payment due in full when presented.  Balances beyond 30 days are assessed an interest charge of 2% per month, calculated from the date of the original invoice.  All collection costs, including any legal fees or expenses, are the responsibility of the client and will be added to the client's principal and are subject to the monthly 2% interest charge.


Services and fees will be billed per the published fee schedule in effect at the time the services were performed (


Photographs: Upon request, 1 complete set of uncaptioned, original photos on disc (JPG format) is provided.  1 complete set of captioned photos in PDF format is provided with each report.  The client can make unlimited copies of photos, at their expense.  The cost of additional digital media requests is billed at the hourly rate to produce and send them.


Evidence billing policy: Evidence storage is available by Pagels Engineering, Inc.  An evidence storage fee, charged in full one month increments, is based on the size/volume of the evidence.  The storage fee is paid in advance.  Storage fees will be billed every three months; January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.  At that time, or at any time, in writing, the client can direct PEI to transfer or discard the evidence.  A $50 fee applies to all disposals.  If PEI is assessed an additional disposal fee (major household appliances, air conditioners…) this fee will be applied against any unused portion of the storage fee or will be billed to the client.  Any unused portion of the storage fee, in full unused month increments, will be refunded.


If the client directs PEI in writing to discard the evidence, PEI is not responsible for future litigation arising from disposal of the evidence, and the burden shall lie on the client who gave the direction.




Engineering Service Time 1

$285 per hour

Depositions and Trial Testimony  2

$345 per hour (8 hour minimum) + Expenses + Mileage


$0.94 per mile portal to portal ($1.35 when trailering)

(Pick-up Truck with topper, fully loaded with all necessary scene equipment.)


(parking, airfare, car rental, lodging, meals, equipment purchase/rental, exemplars…)

$ Actual Expense


1- Engineering Service and Testimony Time: Engineering time includes ALL time spent on the file; office, telephone, research, lab, preparation, travel, meeting, and investigative time.  If travel is required, (time + mileage + expenses) is charged portal to portal.  If an overnight stay results, the hourly rate is applied until that day's work is complete.   If required, Saturdays=1.5 x hourly rate.  Sunday and Holidays=2.0 x hourly rate.



2- Depositions and Trials:  All outstanding invoices must be paid in full prior to any testimony.  Deposition fees may be estimated and required to be paid in full 7 days in advance.  Unless special arrangements are made, deposition testimony will be given only during regular weekday business hours, 9:00AM - 5:00 PM.  Before 9AM and after 5:00 PM, the fee increases to 1.5 x fee charged for the entire day.


The above fee schedule and conditions are accepted. If not signed or returned, the beginning of material and substantial duties in this matter is considered acceptance of all terms of this fee schedule.


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